Brenda Bader

Star City Figure Skating Coach

Brenda Bader is from Omaha, Nebraska and started coaching skating in 1991.  In addition to a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from UNO, she is also a member of USFS and a rated member of  PSA.

Throughout her career, she has coached athletes at the Regional, Sectional, and National levels.  She has also coached athletes through Senior/ Gold levels of Free Skate, Ice Dance and Moves in the Field.

Her students are from all levels and disciplines of skating, from Basic Skills to Senior Competitors.  Brenda specializes in teaching Free Skate, Ice Dance/ Free Dance, Moves in the Field, Figures, Synchro, Pairs, Hockey Skills, and Adult Skating.

Brenda currently holds four Master Ratings through the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) in Free Skate, Dance, Moves in the Field, and Group.  She also has a Senior Rating in Figures and holds a Ranking Level III.

Contact Brenda Bader

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by phone at 402-301-3292