Star City Figure Skating Club SafeSport Policy and Code of Conduct

In compliance with U.S. Figure Skating’s SafeSport Program, the Star City Figure Skating Club outlines this policy to ensure a safe environment for its members and protect its skaters in an atmosphere free of harassment and abusive practices. Star City Figure Skating Club elects a Compliance Chair of SafeSport Practices yearly. The duties of the Com-pliance Chair include completing the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) SafeSport training, sharing information about the SafeSport Program with club members, reporting any misconduct to the proper organizations, and verifying coaches’ compliance with registration and background check requirements.

The USOC has identified and defined policies prohibiting various forms of abuse and misconduct. These include sexual, physical, and emotional abuse as well as bullying, harassment and hazing. There is a reporting process for violations in each of these categories. The Compliance Chair is not responsible for conducting any investigation of these violations, but is responsible to report violations to U.S. Figure Skating and appropriate state or local authorities.

Violations of club rules or policies should also be reported to the Compliance Chair for appropriate action. Our poli-cies, rules, or inappropriate behaviors are listed here: • Enter the ice only after the Zamboni has left the ice. Leave the ice immediately when the Zamboni enters the ice.

• Look before entering and exiting the ice. Do not stand in the entry/exit door.

• Skaters, including ice dancers, practicing their pro-grams with music have the right of way.

• If no one is performing a program, skaters working privately with coaches have the right of way.

• Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid collisions.

• Do not use ear buds with more than ten skaters on the ice. Volume should be low enough to hear other skaters approaching.

• If you fall and are not injured, get up immediately and make your way to the side.

• If there is an injury that requires medical intervention, a U.S. Figure Skating Report of Accident must be filled out.

• The SafeSport Chair will update and stock a First Aid kit at the beginning of each skating season and restock as needed during the season.

• Skaters will not be allowed to sit or lay on the ice, except as directed by a coach or instructor.

• No horseplay will be tolerated on practice ice. Racing, playing tag, yelling, etc. are examples of horseplay.

Star City Figure Skating Club is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for participants’ physical, emotional, and social development. The club promotes an environment free of misconduct. By signing this document I am stating that I have read and agree with the Star City Figure Skating Club SafeSport policy. I will conduct myself in a manner not detrimental to the welfare of figure skating. I agree to fully abide by the rules, policies, and guidelines set forth by U.S. Figure Skating and its designated agents.