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What You Need


  • Skates – Single blade figure skates with toe picks, or single blade hockey skates. Rental skates are available to use for lessons.
  • Warm Clothes – Wear warm clothes that allow freedom of movement. Mittens or gloves are a must.
  • Big Smile – Learning to ice skate is super fun!




To buy properly-fitted skates, skate gear, competition and practice wear:

iSkate Omaha

located just off Interstate 680 in Omaha’s Rockbrook Village

Click Here for Directions


To get ice schedules for Omaha rinks head to one of the sites below:

Motto McClean Ice Arena

Moylan IcePlex

Ralston Skating Academy

Ice Rules Helpful Info

10 Simple Rules for Enjoying Club Ice

1. Enter the ice only after the Zamboni has left the ice. Leave immediately when the Zamboni enters the ice.

2. Look before entering and exiting the ice. Please do not block the entry/exit door.

3. Skaters, including ice dancers, practicing their programs with music have the right of way.

4. If no one is skating a program, skaters working privately with coaches have the right of way.

5. Pay attention to what is going on around you to avoid collisions.

6. Please do not use ear buds or ear phones if more than 10 skaters are on the ice.

7. If you fall and are not injured, please get up immediately.

8. Please do not sit or lay on the ice.

9. Please do not bring food or beverages other than water onto the ice.

10. Parents/guardians and coaches are responsible for the conduct of your skater.

Club board members are happy to help with any questions you have about these rules. Board members are responsible for enforcement to help assure that everyone enjoys the ice time.

Click Here for the Star City Figure Skating Club SafeSport Policy and Code of Conduct